Preserve the Environment and the Pipelines in your Arizona Home

Storm water pollution is a continuing problem for the environment, nationwide and in many cities throughout Arizona. Low amounts of precipitation result in a higher concentration of pollutants during each rain event as compared to cities in less arid regions.  There are a few good rules of thumb when it comes to the environment and the quest against stormwater pollutants. One is to use rock, filter cloth or other material over storm drain inlets. Doing so can be helpful in filtering eroded material out of the water. Did you know that if the drains within your home are allowed to dry out from non-use, pests such as roaches, use your dry drainage pipes to gain entry into your home? It is known that warm climates are more susceptible to this annoyance, so a few tips to use as a preventive measure may help. It’s best to cover your drains when not in use because they can dry out and provide a network of entry into your home. Run water down your drains at least once a week or pour a half cup of bleach down drains which are not used often, to keep the pipe under your sink and tub from drying out. Regularly treat the areas inside and outside your homes with commercial or professional strength insecticide treatments.


Interesting fact: Homeowners should use licensed, certified installers when a project calls for it. By law, if a home improvement project is going to cost more than $750 (including parts and labor); a contractor is required to be licensed. Hiring someone who is bonded, and insured can protect you from potential mishap when it comes to protecting your home. Perma-Liner Industries is here to assist you! We’ll put you in touch with the most qualified professional for any plumbing or pipelining project within your home or business. We’re here to offer you our best referral for a certified, highly recommended installer wherever you reside in Arizona.  Call us or visit us online to schedule an inspection of the underground pipelines in your home. This is the best way to ensure the pipelines in your home are protected, in good condition and free from messy backups. 1-866-336-2568 or


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