Projects at a Standstill Despite Funding Available

Projects at a Standstill Despite Funding Available in Arizona

Cities out west can often times struggle with water use given the number of droughts that occur and one city in Arizona has a goal when it comes to the management of their water.

Marana’s goal is to use renewable water resources whenever and wherever possible. To supply its more than 8,000 customers, the community relies on Colorado River water through the Central Arizona Project, groundwater and reclaimed wastewater. It does everything possible to use water wisely in the face of drought and diminishing surface water supplies.

When it comes to Marana, they need to excel at managing their allotment of water, from the Colorado River, through the Central Arizona Project.

One way they are managing is by contracting a large agricultural operation so that the farm uses a portion of the Central Arizona Project water assigned to the utility, while the city obtains credit for the groundwater the farm would have pumped from the aquifer.

Another way they’re managing their water is by bringing their new wastewater reclamation facility online and getting credits for the treated water it is putting back into the aquifer.

All of Marana Water Department’s hard work is paying off. By aggressively promoting conservation, they recently received an award for participating in a forward-looking multi-community project that will help reduce groundwater overdrafting across the region.

While their hard work is noticed, the current aging infrastructure is being noticed, as well. There is a plan to update and it includes rehabilitating some of the older water lines in the community, maintaining the water storage tanks and replacing the utility’s SCADA system. Interconnectivity among Marana’s seven different water systems is the long-term strategic goal.

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