Preserve the Environment and the Pipelines in your Arizona Home

Storm water pollution is a continuing problem for the environment, nationwide and in many cities throughout Arizona. Low amounts of precipitation result in a higher concentration of pollutants during each rain event as compared to cities in less arid regions.  There are a few good rules of thumb when it comes to the environment and the quest against stormwater pollutants. One is to use rock, filter cloth or other material over storm drain inlets. Doing so can be helpful in filtering

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Lake Pleasant’s Award Winning Water Treatment Plant

The desert region of central Arizona is now the site of North America’s largest design-build water treatment plant. The advanced facility has succeeded at maintaining and treating an average of 80 million gallons a day and also has state of the art disinfecting capabilities. The current intake will ultimately be expanded to 320 mgd to keep pace with increasing development in northern Phoenix.  This construction effort included a raw water intake and pump station, 1.5 miles of large-diameter pipeline and

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