Mesa’s Plumbing Assistance and New Wastewater Facility

Did you know the City of Mesa is in the process of installing sewer lines in neighborhoods that currently use septic systems? And what’s better, for eligible residents needing assistance there is also a grant program. Qualified homeowners can take advantage of the Housing Rehabilitation Program which primarily gives assistance for housing issues that affect plumbing and electrical hazards, as well as energy efficiency issues. The actual amount of repairs needed will be determined through an inspection and evaluation of

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Phoenix, How’s Your Septic Tank?

After the installation of your septic tank, it most likely stays out of your mind, rarely to be seen or thought of. Understandably so, but there are a few things you can do to extend the lifespan of your septic system. It’s important to know where it is, how many gallons the tank holds and when the last time it was pumped. If you have the original plans, permits, and maintenance records, this will be helpful should a problem arise.

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