The Town of Marana Evolves to Greater Heights in Sewer Expansion

The Town of Marana is taking a close look at the sewer infrastructure for several newly built homes. This has led to new economic growth which continues at an impressive pace. Recent data shows the availability of land to grow also raised the population of Marana by over three and a half percent in a year’s time. The town anticipates further development which will stir even more growth, hence making the downtown area a popular diversion for both residents and

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Mesa’s Plumbing Assistance and New Wastewater Facility

Did you know the City of Mesa is in the process of installing sewer lines in neighborhoods that currently use septic systems? And what’s better, for eligible residents needing assistance there is also a grant program. Qualified homeowners can take advantage of the Housing Rehabilitation Program which primarily gives assistance for housing issues that affect plumbing and electrical hazards, as well as energy efficiency issues. The actual amount of repairs needed will be determined through an inspection and evaluation of

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The Grand Canyon: A Mix of Aging Infrastructure, Water Systems, and Wonder

Arizona State University recently conducted an informative study indicating the widespread use of antimicrobial compounds are a contributor to pollutants that eventually wind up in the sewer systems, and subsequently into lakes and rivers. Thousands of chemical byproducts, together with the pharmaceuticals we use, end up in our sewage and in surface waters. Over ten years ago, a conclusive study revealed that 80 percent of 139 streams sampled from across the U.S. contained measurable levels of various organic wastewater contaminants.

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Full Steam Ahead! Check Out Perma-Liner Industries 2016 Events Line Up!!

Undoubtedly, you are still enjoying the many highlights that this time of year brings, but as the glory days of summer begin to wane, no worries! We’ve got some exciting events scheduled for you and they’re coming up right around the corner. Mark your calendars for these informative trade shows that you won’t want to miss! First up, Perma-Liner Industries is pleased to announce we’ll be in Milwaukee on September 12-13th for the WEQ Fair. This is the place to

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Phoenix Rainfall and Water Distribution

The topic of water often begins with rain. Arizona’s three distinct geographic regions have dramatically different rainfall: average annual rainfall ranges from 3 inches in Yuma to over 36 inches in the higher elevations along the Mogollon Rim and in the White Mountains. At 113,909 square miles, Arizona is the sixth largest state in the union, and despite its relatively dry nature, it contains 28 major rivers.  Many of these rivers are dry channels that flow only when it rains.

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