The Town of Marana Evolves to Greater Heights in Sewer Expansion

The Town of Marana is taking a close look at the sewer infrastructure for several newly built homes. This has led to new economic growth which continues at an impressive pace. Recent data shows the availability of land to grow also raised the population of Marana by over three and a half percent in a year’s time. The town anticipates further development which will stir even more growth, hence making the downtown area a popular diversion for both residents and visitors. As larger cities, such as Phoenix, remain a popular destination, Marana hopes in time to hold some of the same appeal as larger surrounding cities. The central component in Marana’s expansion, on the northern side, is attributed to the wastewater facility. Currently, the facility can treat up to 500,000 gallons per day. Fortunately, the expansion of the facility will enable an additional 1.5 million gallons per day, with a capability of handling up to 10,000 new homes or businesses in the area.

Recently, the city also established a temporary amnesty program as a way of preparing residents for a new billing program. The new approach will hold customers accountable for their sewer connections, and fees incurred, on a monthly basis. A number of measures are being taken to ensure new sewer customers receive their monthly bills. To date, the new monthly revenues from approximately 340 new accounts established under the amnesty program are over $20,000.  The redesign of the water bill is an effort to simplify the process for customers, inform those who are being charged for sewer service, and to share new guidelines with various local building departments. These guidelines will include a requirement for the wastewater department to review all commercial and multifamily development permits, as well as many single-family projects.

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